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Chapter 9 Abide and Obey

Some of my favorite quotes from Chapter 9:

"We must always remember that in seeking after holiness we are not so much seeking after a thing as we are seeking a person."

"In his brilliant work Communion with God (1657), John Owen takes four hundred pages to unpack how we can have communion with each distinct member of the Trinity. The Father’s special communion with us is love; the Son’s communion is grace; and the Spirit’s communion with us is comfort."

"We obey as we abide and abide as we obey."

"He has a way of sanctifying us apart from our conscious effort. He quietly brings events and conditions into our lives that humble us, purify us, and draw us to Christ."

"I doubt there has ever been a Christian who got to the end of his life and thought, “You know what, I’m glad I didn’t spend more time in prayer.”

"time spent in prayer is time spent with our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend. Communion is the goal, not crossing off a line on our to-do list."

"the way to grow in your relationship with Jesus is to pray, read your Bible, and go to a church where you’ll get good preaching, good fellowship, and receive the sacraments."

from The Hole in our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung

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